NEW ROUTE in 2019!

Subject to minor changes, the route for 2019 will be as you see above. The results of the 2018 rider survey could not have been more clear. While everyone said they like the original route, the vast majority of riders said they wanted a change. Since our inaugural ride in 2015, a group of our Founders have been encouraging us to move the start to La Crosse and the finish in Green Bay. Although that adds 50 miles, we were surprised that the overwhelming majority of respondents in our 2018 rider survey said they are up for the challenge!

Our riders spoke and we listened! We couldn’t be more excited for the move to the iconic Wisconsin host communities of La Crosse and Green Bay. The longer route now offers two legitimate days of riding for those who don’t want to power through 225 miles in one day. The overnight location in Plover, just south of Stevens Point, includes a party at a brand new park located right next to O’so Brewing and Great Northern Distillery!

It is bittersweet to leave the southern route and the many friends we made at farms along our route and businesses and volunteers from our host towns. Our thought is to return to the Founding route from Dubuque to Kenosha in the future though.


Rest stops will be stationed approximately every 25 miles along the route and include: great food, hydration, medical support, mechanical support, and energetic staff and volunteers to keep you motivated and ready to embark on the next segment of the tour.


This ride takes place on open roads. While we have picked mostly low traffic paved town roads, you are required to obey the rules of the road and wear a helmet at all times on this ride.


More coming soon, but we will have a few Strava Segments to compete against your fellow riders and see how your legs compare the Jens Voigt. Remember, this is a RIDE, NOT A RACE, and Strava segments will be placed with the safety of our riders in mind.


LUGGAGE: Your overnight bags will be transported from La Crosse to Green Bay on our luggage trucks, so you can just relax and enjoy the ride. A special drop bag option will be available for an additional fee if you wish to change clothes, or shed a layer (more coming soon).

SAG OPTIONS ALONG THE ROUTE: Official SAG vehicles are the only vans allowed on the course. There will be school buses at strategic rest stops along the route for those who are not able to complete the ride. More information coming soon.

MECHANICAL SUPPORT: Wheel & Sprocket and local bikes shops along the way will be stationed at rest stops, and will be on the route to make sure you can enjoy your ride, even with a mechanical.

MEDICAL: The Wisconsin Bike Patrol will be following us both days of the ride to provide professional medical attention to anyone in need.